Sunami Of Bikini Blondes

Here is this Weekend’s Sunami of Bikini Blondes to kick off our Saturday Afternoon Bikini Watch here in Beautifull Miami Beach. Enjoy !


Monica Hansen – Los Angeles, CA

 Monica on


Tanya Trianta – Limerick, Ireland

 Tanya on

Alyssa Pallett – New York City

 Allyssa on


 Bryleigh Rayne – Dallas Texas

Bryleigh on


Becky B – Miami, Florida

 Becky on


Jessica Lipps – Charlotte, North Carolina

 Jessica on


Ariana Veronika – Uzbekistan USSR

Ariana on


Alexis Amanda Lee – Dallas, Texas

 Amanda on



Daniella Bae – Sacremento CA

Not a Bikini but who care’s. Problems ? Call a shrink.

Daniella on

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